Port Clyde Sardine Factory

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Port Clyde Sardine Factory:  In 1944 Samuel Zwecker bought the property from Forest Davis who had used it as a boat repair shop. He hired Douglas Anderson to build Port Clyde Packing, a herring pickling factory. Two hundred people were employed here and cars lined the sides of Factory Road during the work week! Hundreds of people made money by supplying fish to the factory, running the carriers, and selling weighing equipment. Almost everyone brought up in Port Clyde has a family member involved in some type of fishing. Port Clyde Packing Co. burned to the ground in 1970 in a massive fire. The company never was rebuilt and everyone that worked there lost their job. Aluminum cans, melted and twisted by the fire, still wash up on nearby beaches and island shores.

An interview with Eva Cushman and Jan Polky.

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