Everett Baum Wheeler Bay

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Everett Baum Interview Part 1

Everett Baum Interview Part 2

Bio:  Everett was born in Rockland in 1927 and lived in Clark Island village where his father was a paving cutter at the Clark Island quarry. Everett’s mother contracted tuberculosis when he was 8 or 9 years old and the family went to live with his grandparents in South Thomaston village while Everett’s mother was treated at a hospital in Fairfield. Everett lobstered one winter with Bill Butman around Dix Island off Spruce Head and fished his own traps in the waters off South Thomaston. Everett’s father left stone cutting and began lobstering on the southern end of Metinic Island in Penobscot Bay. Everett soon joined him with a boat provided by island owners Woodbury Snow and Ralph Post. In the early 1970’s, Everett bought a house on Rte 73 with property on the shore of Wheeler Bay. Everett and his son Larry built a wharf, shop and eventually new houses where Everett and his wife live today. Everett then fished the waters of Wheeler Bay with Sam Archer, the Alvin and Frank Rackliff families, the Luther Miller family and Nate Fuller.  Everett sold his last boat the “A Baum” to a young fisherman from Martinsville and retired from lobstering in 2009. In the 1960’s Everett and his wife began camping in Florida during the winter and they now spend about half the year in the Sunshine State.

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